Текст песни Kamikaze Blows

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  • black metal
  • kamikaze metal
  • melodic metal
  • sweet
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Kadenzza - Текст песни Kamikaze Blows

Ephemeral life is going on

Only memories lying behind

The way I have to go

To change it before

Watch it, exploited by the material world

Enslaved to fame and fortune

Money begets much money

Plague in economy

For freedom, deceived in fighting with your foe

Despite you're a true enemy

Wasted my blood for your honor

Now, back from hell

Reborn to be a rebellion

Burning inside the evil will

Betokened raising hell

Covering the earth

White, imperial patriotsKadenzza - Kamikaze Blows - http://ru.motolyrics.com/kadenzza/kamikaze-blows-lyrics.html

Follow the sign of my god

Devote your blood for my flesh

You hear the oppressed cry out

Be brave, I'll give you the eternal wings

To fly higher over the sea

One way fuel to target

Vengeance on attack

You ride on the iron wings

To be a blast of wind

Go ahead without fear

No pain, no need to feel

Obey, the holy war has just begun

You're nothing but a machine

Yes, the machine at the controls

No personality, no feelings and no sense

Just cling to an enemy's carrier

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