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  • progressive black metal
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  • symphonic metal
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Kadenzza - Текст песни War Phantasma

I die to kill

Days of slaughter

Giving my life for the nation

And his imperial majesty

With rising sun

The empire will come

Our kingdom could have been real Elysium

To vanquish the enemy

Oh... look back your way

To ruins and sorrows

When silence will scream

Porcelain eyed soldiers are marching on the street

Mobs of leaden beast are trampling down tranquility

Flocks of black flies are buzzing beyond the sky

Sound of hate, air-raid sirens groan

Children are running around trying to escape

When the flashing pale light dazed me

I perceive, this is the holocaust

Floating down, through the cloud

My consciousness is fading away

The edge of death I may have touched

I'm walking in a meadow of death

Peaceful, crisp winds pass through my hair

I remember the feeling in my hands

The feeling of mother

Your voiceless scream I cannot hear
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Please, please let me hear the truth

"How many children have you killed, honey?"

I survive to die

Live to suffer

Oh, my immortal existence

Why can't you help me?

Mental disorder

Distorted laughter

Wasted years to ruins of oblivion

Grinning inside my brain

No place to stay with me, peace has gone

Dreamland was far

Illusion is fear

The end is near

In my dream

Still I can see her form dressed in black

Dew glistened in her eyes has changed to blood

Blasphemy ever done tortures me in my end

Redeem me from my sin

Release me from this hell

I can feel death is creeping

The darkness I'm walking slowly to

My mental vortex

Spinning round and round

The punishment for my sin

I'm longing, longing to sleep forever...

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