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Текст песни Lycanthropic Tales

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Limbonic Art
Limbonic Art - A Legacy of Evil альбом
  • black metal
  • melodic black metal
  • myk black metal
  • norwegian black metal
  • symphonic black metal
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Limbonic Art - Текст песни Lycanthropic Tales

As the storm looms over the frozen landscape
A call from the beginning of time
Out of darkness through the mist

Requiem in blood and fire
Symbols of occult desire
Through the cosmic vortex
The gate to unknown darkness
An esoteric voyage to eminent discovery
I am the deathlike shadow
Architect of black mysteries

The time stood still at midnight
A phantom in the moon light
I was reborn through electric flames
From the dark cosmic universeLimbonic Art - Lycanthropic Tales -
I was possessed

When my inner evil confessed
The devil shaped me into form
In a perfect trance a dark romance
In the silence of the night
I adapted to the beast in my soul

Lycanthropic tales
The dark demon prevails
A seed of moon dementia
The dark demon prevails
Lycanthropic tales
A call from the beginning of time

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