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Kadenzza - Текст песни The Wolfoid

Red eyes searching for your flesh and blood

Iron claws for tearing up white skin

Bloody fangs are ready for your first taste

I'm the wolf incarnated as man.

Dead or alive?

You can't choose anything.

Anguish and fear

Waiting for you're coming in hell.

The sinful nectar dripping from your nasty lips

Aroused my hidden nature in the beast as man

With screaming in the pleasure of sweet pain

You're fated to conceive my child, you bitch!

Dead or alive?
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You can't choose anything.

The way to survive

You must inherit my fate.

I'm not man disguised as dog...

I'm wolf disguised as man...

Society created me

And finally denied the existence.

But remember, the hunter only kills the wolf...

It's in the fairy-tale world...

Dead or alive?

You can't choose anything.

I dare to die

To survive in the legend of terror

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