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  • black
  • little red riding hood
  • symphonic black metal
  • wolf
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Kadenzza - Текст песни In The Woods

Once upon a time, there was a little girl,

Who hadn't seen her mother in seven years.

Her mother had dressed her in iron clothes, saying...

"When you wear out these clothes, you may come to me"

The little girl rubbed her clothes on the wall trying to tear them.

Finally she did. She got some milk and bread...

And a little cheese and butter...

And set out for her mother's house.

In the woods she met a wolf.

He asked her what she was carrying.

"Milk and bread, and a little cheese and butter" she answered.

The wolf asked for some...

But the girl said no, it was a present for her mother.
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The wolf asked whether she would take the path

Of pins or the path of needles...

The girl said the path of pins... so the wolf hurried off

Down the path of needles...

And ate up the little girl's mother.

Finally, the little girl reached her mother's house.

"Mother, unbar the door!"

"Just push on it, it's not locked"... the wolf answered.

But the door still wouldn't open,

So that she crept in through a hole.

"Mother, I'm hungry"

"There's meat in the cupboard, eat some"

It was the flesh of her mother, killed by the wolf...

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