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Kadenzza - Текст песни Endless Labyrinth

In dark hours still exist in mind

You swallow up me like sacrifice they need

Binding my mind to a tree of fear

Bonded my body takes another life

Heated nectar makes it filthy

The rose stained as it will

Obedience to pleasure of flesh

Where is my pride

Lust paralyzed me

Innocents, they rape as fire, lust in terror

Red desire strikes you to the heart with their dagger

All you hope, all you love, all you wish are all I'll give

You can take everything you require

You are just chosen one, no need to fear

You ought to know I'm the one, the scarlet messiah

Unawares, extreme pain has been the ultimate pleasure

You've experienced ever bitter,

But unforgettable sweet experience

Remember, remember your true spirit in the dark ages

You were crucified with crimson cross and burned alive

I can see your shroud of evil burning in cold flame

Ecstasy can call you back the spirit, you're reincarnated

Long time ago, you were the witch, remember...

Kill her, she is just wicked

No longer, sinful creature, you
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Inject the holy spirit

Deepen you into the crack of herself

Take out her womb to cut into pieces

Nip off the embryo

To wipe out the root of witch

Do it... bitch

No way... death

To feel more peaceful, I wanna sleep in emptiness

As I fall into darkness, I had a dream

Chasing the light of sacred life with crawling lust at my feet

Endless pain, endless fear, faithless desires

Calling me into labyrinth, drifted me in the matters

Let me see, let me hear, let me feel true sense of life

You die for my sin, for my lie, for my fame

I'll forgive your cursed karma

I'm the illusion, possession, oppression

You can't wake from the paranoid dream

It is reality unavoidable

Owing the cross of sins to future in vain

Pace your way alone

I'm never the one

Behind the mask

Always staring myself

In subconscious mind

Someone else smiles

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