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Kadenzza - Текст песни Ghost In The Shell

Can you see your own face?

Yes, real, true yourself in the mirror is just false

Bilateral symmetry could be made in your memory

The existing reality is no more than fantasy.

Don't you even know who you are?

Don't you even know where you're from?

Can't you hear you calling yourself

From the shell of lead-gray

The voice you've never heard, however it's just you.

Don't you even know what's your name?

Don't you even know why you live?
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Ghost in the shell, lost in hell

To take your soul back beyond the deleted past

Ghost in the shell, lost in hell

We live as human, yes, warm blood we can feel.

This world is like a masquerade

Crazy dancing in slow death

Rape your minds of innocence

All of bodies are artificial,

All of souls are over-written

Ghost-hacked humans, you...

What are you longing for?

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