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Kadenzza - Текст песни Mother's Flesh

Relieve your thirst

Stave off your hunger

What satisfy your desire is the very thing

Yes, it's mother's flesh and blood.

My sword licks it's lips up your body

You will taste of my sword of lusts

Ready to do it

No time to pray

No way to escape

No one to help you...

Any happy childhood memories

Any touch of soft and warm mother's hands

You have these memories no longer

She is gonna be your flesh and blood.

"Mother' I'm thirsty"

"Drink some wine from the jar"

"That's your mother's blood you're drinking"

"Mother, a little bird in the chimney says I'm drinking your blood"

"Throw your cloak at it"

Having eaten the meat and drunk the blood,

The little girl turned to her mother and said

"I don't know why, but I'm very sleepy..."

"Come over here and rest"

The girl undressed and approached the bed...
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Where her mother lay in a strange position...

With a hood pulled over her face.

"Mother, what big ears you have"

"Mother, what big eyes you have"

"Mother, what big claws you have"

"Mother, what big teeth you have"

Spouting warm blood I've been looking for

Your fresh heart still beating in my hand

I suck your juicy brain from the skull

Your eyeballs stare into space at nothing.

Ready for death

No time to pray

No way to escape

No one to help you...

Heaven loves hell

Hell needs heaven

A fallen angel once has borne wolf a son

That is me, a child of mixed blood.

You only curse my fate, innate evil

Defile your purity with my original sin.

I can suck the cock of your god

I can fuck your sacred god...

And then the wolf

Ate up little red riding hood...

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