Текст песни Where The Utux Ancestors Wait

Where The Utux Ancestors Wait видео клип

Chthonic - Seediq Bale альбом
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Chthonic - Текст песни Where The Utux Ancestors Wait

(Chinese part)

Parturient grove
Bodies swing amidst fallen green
Wives, Sciens mass felo-de-se
Blows unbridled, Warriors sans blood kin

(Chinese part)
Cocytus awaits
Freshly dead drifts from prior lives
Yet link to Seediq holds
Warriors sans conscience, death machines
(Chinese part)

Immersed souls in
Nether stew seethe restlessly
ghostly motion
hindered by malodorousness

(Chinese part)
Primeval woods blaze
Souls drop onto netherworld whle
Their corpses hang, rain-whipped
Hell's doors open, gladly waiting

Barren wind robs memory
Whereabouts for burial in Hell
Spirits gathered, Face emblems gleaming,
urged by force unseen
(Chinese part)Chthonic - Where The Utux Ancestors Wait -

Septic river boils
Specters swims along
Mutant creatures
Decayed limbs and bloated flesh

Entrapped, alone, hurried, aimless
Confounded to mind, disassembled
Spirits, mindless, decived, chopped off
Consumed as corporeal disintegrates
(Chinese part)

(Chinese part)
Ancestors' Bridge spans
Betwixt this world and the next
Souls journey in its
Shadow, steps resolute

(Chinese part)
Tribe masks gleam red-wet
Skin illuminations
Seediq Bale
A race apart, eternally brave
(Chinese part)

Skies breath rivers fan out, unfurls
Faraway call for Seediq souls
Winds blow, swirling souls loose,
staying dreams, Ancient canopy shelters

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