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Limbonic Art
Limbonic Art - A Legacy of Evil альбом
  • black metal
  • epic
  • melodic black metal
  • neoclassical
  • symphonic black metal
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Limbonic Art - Текст песни Twilight Omen

I salute thee, baptizer of my soul
Dear pagan master let thy universe unfold
Show me the sign of the midnight sky
I will forever follow until dawn's early light
From the ashes a fire shall be woken
From the shadows words shall be spoken
Star constellation
A burning circle of serpent eyes
Esoteric mysteries of unknown life

I had a vision in a dark cryptic dream
Floating in the universe ethereal cosmic streams
My soul had black wings and triumphant I did fly
I rode the storms and the midnight skyLimbonic Art - Twilight Omen -
I saw the thousand lights
From cities underneath me
As I ventured deeper into the night
To that sacred place beyond
The twilight zone

Open the mind to the dark secrets of the soul
The atmosphere is electrical, condition paranormal
Watch the setting sun and the rising moon
Crossing over to a different sphere
Passing through the membrane
The window to the other side

Twilight omen

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