Текст песни Awkward Decision (Division / Integration)

Awkward Decision (Division / Integration) видео клип

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Kalisia - Текст песни Awkward Decision (Division / Integration)

"Is this proposal a godsend?
Am I mature enough for this fusion?
I'm at a turning point of my life...
What should I do?

They're back, eighty years have passed
Throwback to thirty-two
A new era
We have progressed, is this enough?
Brutality fragments

Despite our endeavours
We could not make it
We cannot fake itKalisia - Awkward Decision (Division / Integration) - http://ru.motolyrics.com/kalisia/awkward-decision-division-integration-lyrics.html
This is a part of us"

Numerous factions of resistance, mainly of religious origins, still refuse the integration of the Earth into the Galactic League, and fight against the new world authorities.

Oi noma, miryena (We come back, receiving)
Em sulo s'akalizia (You have chosen your evolution)
Oi vela, morwena (We rejoice, we sing)
Em pilo apkarmeena (Nevertheless you are not ready)

Em ansun akeeni (You'll learn under our protection)
Oi neeki nem enlitumka (We'll educate your elite)
Izemia, azimia (Physics, biology)
Palizia, god, elentia (Politics, informatic, art)

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