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Kalisia - Текст песни Arken Bringer (Union / Construction)

"Messenger's going to Jupiter
Fly, and reveal our future
The outcome is near
Eyes and ears, Messenger's senses are scanning the sky"

The die is cast

The greatest nations of the Earth combined their strengths and ambitions to design and build a space probe: Messenger.
Senses of the Cybion were launched into space for a three year journey...


"Three years we've been waiting for Messenger and so
We hope at last it will show
The true meaning of this mystery

[The League]:
Ya, enkeh akah (Soon, one of us)

Time has come
Messenger's journey is reaching it's end
People all around the world...
... Are watching the worldwide live broadcast of what the probe is sending us down here on earth
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But then, the vision gets troubled

"Another sight seems to fade in, we're losing Messenger, oh my god, God!
The contact is lost
No! What's going on!
Another image has now replaced the original one, all is blue and white!"

[The League]:
Mei (Patience)
Istatka em kumi (You will open your eyes)

"Delusion on my screen?
Is this reality?
I can see lands and their oceans...
Such diversity
What does it mean?
A world of beauty
Like ours
Blue and white
Oh God
It's the Earth!

How could the probe...
We must be mistaken
This cannot be!"

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