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Kalisia - Skies альбом
  • melodic death metal
  • progressive death metal
  • progressive metal
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Kalisia - Текст песни Lost Soul

Cold gusts of wind running throughout the desert plain...
Dark clouds choking the sky...
High above the world, Gaâl cries.
He's been there for weeks, alone, searching for himself.
The inner voices were gone now and Nature became silent.
He could feel that God was listening to him, so he started to talk:

"Oh, my God, I am drowning among the others...
Oh, high Lord, all these questions I seek the answers..."

"Your quest is what makes your humanity"
"Our valors have no sense, licence to lawyers. Oh where's the balance?"
"Mankind will never choose humility"

Life's a quest for serenity,
but once you've reached it, It becomes unbearable...

"You're just a piece of Nature
Taken to conscience
You're just a mortal Creature
I master existence"
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"I can't find no meaning to what my life should be,
my desires are fading..."
"Being is just a part of harmony"
"After death will I see another beginning, another painful destiny?"
"Dying will take you to reality"

"Lost in the universe, humanity's too small.
Were we born without brothers?"
"Nature has in itself the ones you seek"
"Lord, father of us all, your gifts can't be favors,
this creation needs a goal"
"Nature's only a mask through which I speak"

"Mankind shall rise and then realize..."

Mankind is running toward the chasm, hiding it's eyes not to see...

"You're just a piece of Nature
Taken to conscience
You're just another Creature
I master existence
To be!"

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