Текст песни Aspirations Above (Reception / Translation)

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Kalisia - Текст песни Aspirations Above (Reception / Translation)

Ekhsëm, gorösh, käftu, akeen (Together, power, symbiosis, education)
Akhsäm, demios, kïngül, sanalïs (Society, fusion, control, domination)
Akso mütka (Eternal process)

Year 2024.
Life on Earth has reached a new stage, and advances in technology and global networks complexity have finally revealed to mankind it's true status: we're cells of the Cybion.

Cybion's neuronic network has been ridden by The Pheonix wings
The whole world knows
Now the mystery's over
Kalisia - Aspirations Above (Reception / Translation) - http://ru.motolyrics.com/kalisia/aspirations-above-reception-translation-lyrics.html
The greatest scientists of the Earth
Spent a year trying to solve
The meaning of this note

"We're not alone
Here in the night
We will find a way
Find a way
Fly away"

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