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Endwell - Consequences альбом
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Endwell - Текст песни John Doe

Nothing to hide.

Nothing to lose.

The little things that sicken me

And are eating at my youth.

I've held my ghosts at bay

And smiled everyday

But heavens says wont shine on me again,

Just like they shined on me before.

I can't be like that boy in chains

That was once adored.

Apprehensive me.

Independence me.

I've spoiled every single thing

And running from the scene.

It's sad for me to say

At every show

On every stage

Pride overlooked

And out of blown P.A.s

To people I will never meet.

I spill my guts.

Why can't these words free me.

Never will I find my way back home.

All the patience that I wasted...

Dreams I only got a taste of.

All I thought would be.

Everything I never should have done, I did.

This is acceptance

Of the greatest things that will never happen.Endwell - John Doe - http://ru.motolyrics.com/endwell/john-doe-lyrics.html

So here I stand,

Unable to be saved.

I'm paying prices for

The things that I didn't say

And it depresses me.

I've backed integrity

But I'm finding brand new ways

To channel energy.

I've seem hell along the way,

In every devastating blow

Handed down to me.

I've seen sufferers like me

Still fighting for their dreams

Through battles obsolete.

I have seen all despairs can bring

Heaven is unreachable

And happiness is fake

So much patience that I wasted...

Every dream I barely tasted.

All I thought I'd see.

Everything I never should have done, I did.

Now I'm waiting for the end.

To take away all of these wretched memories.

I have given all of me.

I gave you every fucking thing.

Listless, unbound.

I've been set free.

Golgotha Falls.

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