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Endwell - Consequences альбом
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Endwell - Текст песни Avoidant - Ghost Will Haunt

Depression storming down on me.

Anxiety is reigning king.

Failures are spit back in my face.

I'm letting this life pass away.

These roads will lead me to my grave.

These are the roads and paths I chose to pave

Avoidant and withdrawn I'll stay.

Misanthropy the price I pay

For following my dreams.

Disillusion break my wings and set me free.

Murphy's fucking law refers to me.

Sore throat, sore lungs, bad mood

Bad luck, stay cold, locked up.

Every door has closed.

I'm disenchanted and alone

Spirit expired in it's host
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The damaging effects of loss.

There is no higher price or cost

Than losing everything you love.

I walk in limbo

My lease on life, revoked.

The things I passed up for this

Are now my ghosts

Ghost will haunt

Abandon, disappear.

All you love is dying here.

Can't end up like them.

Damn the pessimist.

I'm enthralled in the absence of innocence.


Embrace despair.

Accept it as punishment.

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