Текст песни As Low As "Alife" Can Get: Jumping The Shark

As Low As "Alife" Can Get: Jumping The Shark видео клип

Endwell - Consequences альбом
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Endwell - Текст песни As Low As "Alife" Can Get: Jumping The Shark

You know I never had a bone to pick with you

Get fucked, goodbye.

You let your insecurities shine through your broken ties.

So honestly just tell me what I did.

To make you turn

Your back on me time and time again.

I'm not wishing you the best,

And this is not the end.

She told me every word,

Everything you said

And every fear you had

All the jealousy and bitterness.

This issue of respect

And how you came too quick.

You say this wont 'endwell',

But I promise you that this will never end.

You're out of place.

You're talk is cheap.

No message to convey.

No virtue or integrity.

You ran your mouth I stood in place.

You live your life in such bad taste.

Holding onto every grudge

And every ounce of pain

You think that you're on top but this whole thing is crumbling.

The negativity you spit may help you through the day,

But when all is said and done and you look back
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You will regret the role

You play.

Are you content with your legacy?

Longing for better company

You're hearts no good

Are you content with your misery?

You're crying for sympathy

You feel rejected?

And all you wanted was to be friends,

But your actions were unbecoming as can be.

Your worst intentions.

Wishing the world to fall on me.

I've had enough... you're act is up.

Wishing the world to fall on me

We've had enough... your act is up.

Bottom line

You're an awful fucking human being.

What's done is done

You will never get the best of me.

Nothing you say could effect or inspire me.

Your worst intentions.

There, will be consequences.

You're free to speak...

But nothings free

Maybe your bleeding wrists

Will bring us both some peace.

Karma has not come yet.

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