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  • Hardcore
  • ferret
  • metalcore
  • post hardcore
  • screamo
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Ligeia - Текст песни Judas Complex

Persisting beyond maladaptive disorder.
Stitching the mouth shut spitting disposition.
Spineless is the brace of weakness.
Masking contortion behind walls of indigence.
Perish in your guilt.
Let go of benediction.
Hang from the branch of truth.
Time runs thin for redemption.
The air reeks of betrayal.Ligeia - Judas Complex -
So I hold my breath.
You pushed to far.
There's nothing left.
Backstabbing your way to the bottom of denial.
There is no forgiveness within sorrow.
The air reeks of betrayal.
So I hold my breath.
In this hour we devour all our fears.
Nothing you say is real.

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