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  • Hardcore
  • endwell
  • hardcore punk
  • melodic hardcore
  • metalcore
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Endwell - Текст песни Mike Tyson

Loosen this noose around your neck.

"Give up now"

Let go of everything you have.

"Let me out"

Nobody has a perfect plan.

"Get out now"

No one will see a happy end

And this is what it is.

Every step on sinking stones.

Every step taken alone.

Every step along the way

Has felt us doubting everything.

Throw my nerves out the window.

I've been shaking, but that's nothing new.Endwell - Mike Tyson - http://ru.motolyrics.com/endwell/mike-tyson-lyrics.html

Honesty is a virtue.

I'm done hiding so here goes.

Take me away this place can never be

Nurturing of hopes and dreams

And it is not a place for me.

So long it's done this hell is not for me.

Move on give up stop living on your knees.

"High hopes will only hurt you

Nobody wins this race"

So lets go!

Back to where there is heart.

Back to where this all started.

Before it falls apart.

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