Текст песни Glaciers: 10/21/03

Glaciers: 10/21/03 видео клип

Endwell - Consequences альбом
  • Hardcore
  • metalcore
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Endwell - Текст песни Glaciers: 10/21/03

Throes of fear and apathy.

Stale air that I cannot breath.

Melancholy empty dreams

Where days of woe

Meet nights of grief.

Broken heart

Dying light fades away.

Broken hope

Striving for what you can't be,

And every move I never made;

And I'm looking for pieces.

Pieces I left in you.

Pieces of me in you.

Start over.

Fuck all the flashing lights

That blind us.Endwell - Glaciers: 10/21/03 - http://ru.motolyrics.com/endwell/glaciers-10-21-03-lyrics.html

Fuck every sleepless night.

It's only us left in this fight.

Inspired through trails,

I'm giving up this time.

Our light will never shine.

All bets are off,

And day by day

I will refrain from regression

And concerning you,

With everything I said,

I'd never say and I'll never say

The words that mean the most to you.

Sometimes happiness is just not an option.

What's done is done

Let this go.

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