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Crystal Abyss - Текст песни ...of Glory And Pain

I'm breathing the rain at dusk
As I am tasting bitter burial silence.
My soul is cold and weeping like a
Grim and misty black autumn night.

I gaze at flowers fading to dust
And bearing the ashes - the seeds of the moonlight
Eternity steps on the fields of desires
Awakening the roots of sharpened sword's bride.

Guided by tears of clouds
I'm wanderer sharing their dreams and fears
Watching whatever my eyes can see
Seeking whatever I find.

Ravens bring dusk on their wings
Followed by night then fresh morning dew bears
Day while I'm going to place where I
Will end my fettered soul's cry.

Exhausted by constant
Following blind eyes sight
While breathing road's dust
I search for place
That on this endless plain
Will be worthy of ceasing my way.

I approach the hill
With the shining mist on the top and
Golden steps leading there,
Threading on them
As I enter this mist I see
Couch prepared for me.

Like storms on great seas calm down onceCrystal Abyss - ...of Glory And Pain -
Turning themselves into froth kissed by evening breath

Tired I stop on my path
To escape from the load of eternal way seeking.

On the bed surrounded by light
That covered it like a gorgeous dress
Feeling the nearby night
I lay myself to start my rest.

As I awakened from my sleeping
I saw three chains of gold on me
Surrounded by white creatures gripping
My hands to put the cross in...

Blood was washing my teeth in flesh
Of angels as I was breaking the chains,
Day became night as I left this place
With thunder roaring around,

My gaze caught only shadows of black,
The eye blowing black consuming the mind
At the same time caressing my skin
With the waves of songs by night.

Trees on my way were pressing
Nails into my naked arms and dry
Grass under feet seemed to me
Sharper than sword.

As salty sweet of tears was seasoning
The taste of blood drops on my tongue
In the pits and the mists of my soul
I've found the road...
... of glory and pain.

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