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Crystal Abyss
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Crystal Abyss - Текст песни Sageness Fallen

Were charmed by the sight
Of stone on the grass -
Grey mirror of sky.

Lit golden tree crowns
With millions of fires
That showed me the road

To world
Of the tear-crying rains
That talk to the flames
And winds of the past

Where beauty -
The queen of free hearts
Was sister of those
Who despised the horde.

Standing praying on the sunset
Caressed by tender wind
Ancient oak-tree's spread it's green arms
In the embrace of dusk...

"You saw legends with your own eyes,
Ages grew under your feet,
Filled with freedom and desire,
Thoughts and feelings buried fast...

Wake the secrets that you keep
From their deep eternal sleep -
Let them be the sacred whip
For the cattle hearts!

Let your tar womb be sweet homeCrystal Abyss - Sageness Fallen -
For the wisdom that will roam...

Nature'll dwell under the dome
Of the ancient arts."

Stone became red
Of the fury and pain,
My thoughts and feelings
Were all faint in vain
When archangel sword's aura
Was licking the face
Of the shrine
Containing the ways

To unknown. And the drops
Of the amber blood fired
Scarlet hearts and black souls
Making them feel the sight
Of the emerald eyes
Belonging to ancient sage
Bearing thoughts,
Awakening the rage.

Leaves were howling loud
Under weeping clouds,
Moon was taking me
To the secret paths,
Golden dust was making me blind...
I saw slaughter of sheep and burial fires.

Fingers pressed on steel
Making it start crying,
Moonlight on the blade
Was the lightning bright.
Grass was drinking red wine
I'd entered the world of dreams and desires!

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