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  • black metal
  • brilliant
  • melodic black metal
  • russian
  • symphonic black metal
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Crystal Abyss - Текст песни First Born Snow

The snow fell, as it was born by Winter...

Trees in black naked beauty
Came singing a praise
And hiding their gold, like greedy gnome
Is burying his treasure, dance snow.
Winter covered their frozen roots
With the pillow of tender haze,
Under which the grass fell into glassy sleep,
Entering generous bliss.

Mountains replied to me greeting the Queen
Of blowing winds and ice-crystal worlds,
And her flying servants that are never seen
Were carrying leaves as they came on the Earth.
Whistling like trumpet on funeral act
Grey blizzard came releasing white snakes,
And myriad of warriors in sparkling white dresses
Were carrying the tongues of the saints on stakes.

White spears and swords
Ripped off angels' hearts,

Cold was freezing their wings.
And night slowly fellCrystal Abyss - First Born Snow -
On forest beneath
Like fingers of bard on strings,
On forest lying under
Mountains of mine,
Under wind, whispering legends of time...
And ice-storm along
With the Children of woods
Sang joyful and furious rhymes.

... As abused angels left the Earth
The call of freedom started it's way!!!

I was going on the other side
Of sacred new day
To infinity of blinding black mass
Absorbing the mind.
I was going on the other side
Of dying sun's heat
To icy and frozen nature
Absorbing saints' lives.

And I saw burning shadows of the past
Along with crystal and fathomless lakes.

... and the snow fell as it was born by Winter...

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