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Crystal Abyss - Текст песни As The Fear Grows

As the fear grows inside,
Wrapping heart like silky lace
On maiden's dress during midnight dance,
Bearing shiver and awakening lust,
Being guide along dark marble halls
Through the mist surrounded by
Scattered beads of candlelight
Twinkling and fading, air is crying.

Sorrow and pain in it's cry
Are floating like lonely black swans
On the waters reflecting leed(? ) of gloomy skies.
Time is coming so fast,
Proclaiming hour for solemn requiem
Of soul that's singing it's grievous song
Of victim to be sacrificed.

The moments left behind
Are reflected by the chambers of
Black castle that exalts
On the mountain of foresaken(? ) thoughts.
Like feathers from the wings
Of ravens' horde, foretasting
The massacre's blazing ride,
Speeches of it's dwellers soar around:

"Let one word of yours be a knife in a trembling heartCrystal Abyss - As The Fear Grows -
Of prayer rising towards the falling clouds.

Let each tear you utter now become a lake of blood
Of those who dedicated their existence to being blind.
Let the flow of enchanted strain become your eyes,
Seeing unique heady beauty of obscure
Plains, spreading far and wide beneath the roots of mind
Where Chimaera's gaze breeds nightmares from desires".

As the fear grows insane
Under wings of silent night
Winds are whispering thousand names
Of a multi-faced divine.
Rains of broken mirrors shade
Moonlit carpet weaved by stars
Words of velvet serpent's song
Are awakening from their sleep:

"Feel caress of flaming waves
Coming from the seas of fate
Taste the flesh of sharpened blade,
Hear damnations as a name.
Gate is opened granting pass
To the brink where perception ends
Dive into endless blackened chasm
Spreading soul like wings to fly
Eternally or die!"

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