Текст песни The Rise Of Metropolis

The Rise Of Metropolis видео клип

Astarte - Doomed Dark Years альбом
  • black metal
  • greece
  • symphonic black metal
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Astarte - Текст песни The Rise Of Metropolis

Beyond the greenwood's shade
Near the rippling mountain streams
The old buried myth
Will open the doors of Metropolis.

Rocks symbolize eternity,
Sunshine seeks in your darkness.
Beloved cosmic force of evil.
Raise Metropolis once more.

Mythopoeic vision of darkness and rebirth
Bring back your moon shadow.
Winter beauty of the gray societyAstarte - The Rise Of Metropolis -
Trap the sunshine and raise "Power".

As the evening mists come
My need will be stronger.
Behind your black cloud's fortress
I'll reach your hidden Cosmos.
I will cross the misty forest.
Until full moon shows the gateway.

Dark stone walls my pleasure to touch.
From the dead land I'll built my strength.
Silent land! I'll come to raise Metropolis.

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