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Daemonicium - Текст песни The Sinner's Dream

From depths of time I call your name
Master of dreams the Lord of sin
I'm ready to know your plans and thoughts
My heart's dream voice calling gods!

I'll gather those who believe
In mighty will of Ever Dreaming One
With shaking hands I play your song
In nothingness I'll fall insane...

Sufficient this punishment to live in earths limbo
When I'm attempting to reach your infinity x2

In cosmic space I walk my dream
Through stars so cold, that chills my breath
What is this life I've live on earth
What is this blood, for what is flesh?
I want to die and fly away...
I need to die and fly away!

In cosmic space I walk my dream
Through stars so cold that chills my breath
I want to die and fly away...Daemonicium - The Sinner's Dream - http://ru.motolyrics.com/daemonicium/the-sinners-dream-lyrics.html
I need to die and, fly away!!!

The time has came for me to die
Immortal dreams are mine as sin
Through seven gates trespass my soul
My hearts dream, voice calling gods
No matter how, no matter why
As trembling voice, as leaves that falls

Nothing could redeem my blame
In nothingness I fall insane
My soul fall into cold vacuum
For what is live is rotting now
When body dies
My soul is flying!!!

The piece of time you've leave in sand
I'll take it with my bloody hands
With trumpets horns reveals the blame
The sin of man became his death
A journey to damnation bleach
With gorgeous presence avoiding light
Underground minions of great Old - One!

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