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Текст песни Oldest Joke In The Book

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Willow Wisp - Текст песни Oldest Joke In The Book

Carry on objects of mindless objectivity
You fail to remember your loss of life
Never shall you inspire any authenticity
The world could do without your ambition less vice

Sneering at what you admire
I have already acquired what you may only desire
Your ammunitions a pitiful drop of water
Unable to extinguish my fire
Raging inferno, my path unbarredWillow Wisp - Oldest Joke In The Book - http://ru.motolyrics.com/willow-wisp/oldest-joke-in-the-book-lyrics.html
laying brick to construct an empire

The oldest joke in the book
Is the mirror which mimics your invisible look

Does my cosmetic appliance baffle thee?
Forcing you to spit your venom of stupidity
Is reciting "Halloween is Over"
As creative as you can be?
Or are you beguiled by your talent less atrophy?

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