Willow Wisp

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Willow Wisp
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Willow Wisp - Текст песни Carpathian Wanton

I shall now delve into my fantasy
Of exploring the Carpathian Mountains
Trekking the vast terrains and the valleys
In a nocturnal vision of transcendence,
Among the regions of darkened realms
Lie legends of folklore who await to be summoned
To bring forth their wrath unawakened for centuries
Mystifying sorcery erupting with hate
Vlad Dracul's castle beckons me
Its perpetual glory is magnificently entrancing Willow Wisp - Carpathian Wanton - http://ru.motolyrics.com/willow-wisp/carpathian-wanton-lyrics.html
As the prime evil mist wettens my fur
A cryptic feeling ensues chilling my soul
I wish to run naked
Among the beastly carnivores
Who sense my warm blood among their rank
And I shall descend upon the prey
With my fangs and talons ready for insertion
As the smell of fresh meat beckons
My current aching hunger

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