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Willow Wisp - Текст песни Bastard

Father, I will never forgive you
For how hard life has been for me
For all these years of struggling
For never giving me anything
All this hate and hurting
Buried deep inside of me
My tears are real, as well as the pain I feel
And I'm tired of living this
Bastard's Life that I've lived so long
The only happiness I've found
Is in my daughter's eyes
It amazes me, how much I see of me in them
Of this bastard, Oh this bastardWillow Wisp - Bastard - http://ru.motolyrics.com/willow-wisp/bastard-lyrics.html
Father, I was just a baby
When you walked away from me
How could you just abandon me
To face this cruel world alone
Father, I know I'm a better father
Than you could ever be
Because father I have been wondering
Where you've been for my entire life
Because my tears are real as well as the pain I feel
Father, one day you're going to wake up
And realize everything you've given up
Father, I don't know how you live with yourself
Knowing that you've abandoned me

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