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Текст песни A New Ice Age Approaches

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Willow Wisp - Текст песни A New Ice Age Approaches

To grapple with the turning century
Our fixation to advance has dehanced
This empty carcass called humanity

Unbeknownst, their veins have transformed into wires
And their brains a giant microchip
Commanding them as capable liars
Bones of stainless steel
Pupil, telescopic lasers
Data Now sustenance
Turning warm homosapiens into digital instigators

Living breathing calculators
Unauthentic terminators
Prepare the lime, sewage corpse curator
Icelandic world imminent
Lay waste the propagators
First test, destroyed by fire
Culmination-sodom & Gomorrah
The end result of humanity's' desire
A new Beginning for a sinners plethora

We have reached the ends of our means
When scientists can reproduce life synthetically
Drastic weather, changing seasons erratically
Past predictions come to pass accurately

Frost invades our lungs worth
As storm hails plunder the earthWillow Wisp - A New Ice Age Approaches - http://ru.motolyrics.com/willow-wisp/a-new-ice-age-approaches-lyrics.html
Never subsiding fog obscures our vision
Hiding the ice burnt shells of the unliving

Post mortem Hypothermia
Suffering world invaded by a holocaust of snow
What was now buried beneath frozen rumble
Reminisce of an age when sparks made embers glow

Ghastly limbs mutated in odd shapes
Chilled of their warm vitality
Purple icicles formerly unbound
Now solid blocks of water decorating the ground

Ruins of the earth
Trapped in eternal slumber, beneath frozen seas
The ancient gods free to plunder
And sow the soil with fertile seeds

Gusting winds howl
Whispering eerily discordant overtures
And nothing is heard but silence
And the few remaining parasites who faintly stir

Beautifully decimated metropolis of dead life
Museum of the deceased encased in ice
Crystal coffins preserve flesh for the coming carnivore race
Dead and stiff, expressions of terror on their face

Willow Wisp A New Ice Age Approaches

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