Текст песни Black Despair (Isolation / Liberation)

Black Despair (Isolation / Liberation) видео клип

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Kalisia - Текст песни Black Despair (Isolation / Liberation)

Keiji then learns about his rescue fomented inside the Circle itself and has now to decide what to do: to escape death, he must leave the Earth... forever.

"To go into exile, banished from my own planet.
Treated like a criminal, when all I ever did was guided by love.
Ha, Love...
Such a destructive feeling.
What have I become because of love?Kalisia - Black Despair (Isolation / Liberation) - http://ru.motolyrics.com/kalisia/black-despair-isolation-liberation-lyrics.html
What has happened to her?
Did she only knew how the events turned out?
Did she die, lying in her bed, thinking I've betrayed her?
Will I ever love again?

I've got nothing left here anymore...
Nothing to hold on to, no one to cherish nor to shelter.
All I have now is my so called humanity."

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