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Amethista - Realitale альбом
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Amethista - Текст песни The Vice

Sinuous bodies move in the shadows of the crypt
Where she captured her prey with her powerful claws
The whip cracks at every falling tear
Her hands and the cold stone floor are flooded with blood!
Wicked Nature, divine law of pleasure
It lights up her eyes with the whore flame
White skins which rushed to the chasm together
Now embrace the ground of the sepulchral garden..
Cruel her will, merciless her glance
Crucified her virtue, tied to the deathbed!

She corrupts her mind with the taste of the most voluptuous vice
Sell the bitter perversion in the same black acrid chalice!

The fool's body, covered with sores, falls, when her executioner smiles, depraved reaper proud among the sheets!Amethista - The Vice -
Night of transgression which calls beautiful creatures,
It observes the luxurious pomp, the lustful Bacchanals of evil gods!
Her devouring fire is proud and atrocious
It offers the innocence on the debauched lover's altar

The wicked soul of the confessor tortures the younger fleshes
The wailing of filthy lust shocks her dark mind
Castrated the smarter prey, burnt into Gheenna's land
Corrupted ardours and bitter poisons between the legs of the Ancestral Hate
She hears her victims imploring, while she looks for their blood with her tongue
The fluids enter her body, reaper tiger of the righteous man!

By the trembling light of her most precious candelabra
She kisses the virgin's breast, trapped in her nuptial bed!

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