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Amethista - Текст песни Souls Vibrations

In the fog over the hedges, there are drawn up the knights of the plains
In the dark behind you, there are hidden presences full of pains

Closed in by the roaming chants, you feel a shiver along your back

Your misted over eyes don't see, your cold hand doesn't touch me..

You walk between the ruins and they watch to you, but you can't reach exile's violet rooms, your misted over eyes don't see

It's not dream, it's not a gloomy fairy tale
Don't you feel the fear in the boundaries of the place?
Don't you see around me the doors are opening?
The pages of reality are confusing
You're blind and deaf when the spring sun is blurring!
Can't you realize how much is fast your beat?

When the Moon shows the sacred way, you feel a strange vibration in your faith

You go all over the streets near steps without sound
But the echo of their prayers doesn't come from the ground!
Under the bed, where sleeps your heart, malicious nightmares whisper and then, they go up toward your opened mouth, sliding slowly inside your veins... your veins!

Passing through your indifferent body, I cross your sleeping soul in the book which constantly changes in my hands
I observe far from the sky to Earth... to Earth... to Earth!Amethista - Souls Vibrations -

If my arm grazes the gravestone, the leap bring me over the perishing form
Smart cypresses, whispered truth, spoken at midnight, flickering lights
A Pagan vision in my horizon, the hoarfrost expands in my bones
Liquorous sensations, still blood, delicate sounds..
Things you don't... see!

Over adders' dens, in North of the glade
They have offered me the scepter of their Reign
Take my hand, I've something to show you
Come to the Oracle on the tunes of my flute

The ivy grows on the walls where they rest
Bleak is my world you can't understand

Narrow the path where I stay, your forbidden and steep way

Things you don't see, the things you don't see
Mysterious pulsating and vigorous attraction
Anchors me to.. the things you don't see

Anchors me to the flesh and every my action
Things you don't see!

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