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Amethista - Realitale альбом
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Amethista - Текст песни The Beast Within

Shut up in the darkest room, I feel the Beast approaching restless
Lone wolf smell my scent, my eyes get lost in your thoughts

My body is in flame but cold is my resurrection
Between your hair light crystal decorations

Snow possess my feeble breath
Grip... the blazing hot chain to my wrists
Fog covers us with his vividAmethista - The Beast Within -
Presence... the phoenix protects our secret meeting

Our free spirits, Gaia's children, are running through the time
..A fallen tear releases the spell in your wild arms I feel my home
A nocturnal lake your Nimpha's glance
Lie with me pale enchant, free your sense..!

We can destroy , we can defy
Grasp my white soul, tame my delight...

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