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Amethista - Текст песни Invisible Queen

I scream your name into the belly of the Earth
I feel the blue fire in the embrace of Death!

The sacred night covers me with it's roots
Reached the stone I see your grey tomb and the cherry tree covering you with petals
My Generatrix, mistress of my soul, your primordial and biting sound has gone back!
Wind makes cold my blood for you
This is the Mother of the invisible Moon
Vampire of thriving shores of Red Sea
Where your exile begot the loner progeny

I've touched you I've felt you

Appear to me through the icy mirror, when my incense burns fast the whitethorn
Lady of my image, eternal Sphinx, Sun looks for a refuge on your tenuous skin

Now I'm covering this place with my chants
Present yourself in this midnight, here are my tears evokening the past

Your nasty portrait is concealed in the sky
Goddess of firmament, pale cheeks showed to men
Enter into my blood, splendid breath, walk full of beauty and grace

You set me free from the rusted chains
Amethista - Invisible Queen -
Rich of your Light, sphere of your energy
Answer my cry, accept my plea!
Under your garment you hide the sin
In your shadow I look for the image that is in me.
Between the grass, on the hill, you're the magic blow
Throw my will on my prince's pillow

A strap around my tunic made of black silk
The symbol of my primordial identity
Where the bride of Ice lives eternally
Encircled by stars, far from human lunacy

... The blue fire is in the embrace of Death!

My fervent hands were empty and disarmed
You exalted my love and stopped my decline
Look at me, I'm the general of your formations
I walk on the thread between peace and damnation.

Arches of Light are confusing among my words...
Voices of other dimensions are echoing over my arms... raised toward the sky...

Through the Infinity, in the middle of the circle of fire
Intoxicated by cold atmosphere, roars and whispers reach my ears
Scarlet clouds form black flames and carnal desires!

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