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Willow Wisp - Текст песни Lame

Dominated by the objective mass
These colorless whores
They offend me with their sass
Gang raped by the Mafia
Their partners are clue less
This whole parting ring
I find tremendously foolish
Lame best describes the expression
I bring to their faces
As do the others whom don't participate in the race
I must admit my presence is out of place Willow Wisp - Lame - http://ru.motolyrics.com/willow-wisp/lame-lyrics.html
Though my personal aspirations must
Be experienced by the eventual waste
Eyes determine social status
Placing all breathers in a separate category
And even though the disapproved may seem
Compatible but their convictions are mandatory
Lame are these widening viewers
Lame are these cruel skewers
Lame are these mouths that bark
Lame are their ungracious remarks

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