Текст песни Animal

Animal видео клип

  • South
  • William David / James
  • Brendon Arthur / Welham
  • Thomas William George / Wilson
  • Adam Michael
  • 80s
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • classic rock
  • easy listening
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Toto - Текст песни Animal

I never knew I could feel this way at all

Predestination by appointment,

Storybook realities are coming true

I was scared, you looked so helpless,

Lust was dressed in good disguise

I took you on to meet my mother

Just like me, she fell straight in love with you

You took me to your own apartment,

was it me or does the night do things to you

You read from Venus and Adonis, so honey how could I resist I

C'mon baby we've got tonight

No one loses when two tigers fights

I lift you up, never let you down

I'll be the jester and you'll be the crown

We're instinctively impulsive, we're animals

A body like yours should be arrested,

Honey I should be locked up in a cage

We are flesh, we are carnal, we are human

We've got desires we can't containToto - Animal -

Smoke alarm is going off again,

I guess I'm gonna have to cool you down

Say c'mom baby, we've got tonight,

No one loses when two tigers fight

You'll be fire, I'll be the ice,

so come on baby melt me ooh so nice

Instinctively impulsive, we're animals

[Instrumental break]

Some girls may turn my head,

but only you, baby, turn me on

When we touch it's so explosive,

it's seems my life's been leading to this

Say c'mon baby, we've got tonight,

no one loses when to tigers fight

You'll be fire, I'll be the ice,

so come on baby melt me ooh so nice

Is it rythm, is it magic, we're animals

Toto Animal

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