The Crosstown Rivalry

Текст песни All We Pretend To Be

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The Crosstown Rivalry - Текст песни All We Pretend To Be

We've got some time to kill
Before we're found out
Everyone's watching
Everyone's waiting
For us to wake up
For us to give up and fall

We've broken out
We're so alive
And these are the times that will shape our lives

So lets fall asleep
Holding onto
The moments that we see
In our dreams reality
Sets the scene
Making memoriesThe Crosstown Rivalry - All We Pretend To Be -
We've come so far tonight
Come on, come on...

Cars, streetlights, and dim lit roads
Will take us away from all we know
We'll find our path to call our own
Get on it, go
And never look home

We're wasting time
That I could use to breath
Changing all
All I pretend to be
Remember us
We're making history
Remember us
For all we pretend to be
(Everyone's watching, everyone's waiting)

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