Away With You

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Away With You
Away With You - Untitled Album альбом
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Away With You - Текст песни Never Been Better

I've never been better than this

Got my head on straight and my feet are in sync

An ancient body cries "give me an open mind"

Give me some solid boards to walk on

All life is, is a series of events.

Sporadic actions and I won't let them pass me by.

We're all farmers in our sleep,

Harvesting dreams we seek.

If you can't hear this scream then turn it up!

It took a little time to become sound inside.

It's a body lying empty on the carpet floor.

Every breath I take is new recirculating songs I knew.

The soundtrack to the motion of your shoes

You just have to sing along.Away With You - Never Been Better -

So sing along

Maybe I should set my eyes on higher sights than I sought

Maybe I should shut my eyes and just stop seeing at all

The roads we walk are narrow so hold your stride to the tempo

You choose the roots you choose to grow

You chose to reap I chose to sow... the good life

But I can't hold on


To wait to long


I can't hold on


To sing along

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