Away With You

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Away With You
Away With You - Game Time альбом
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Away With You - Текст песни It's Been Educational

Oh how I've gotten use to the feeling at hand

Empty shell: jaded man

Collecting misfortunes in jars on a stand

This is exactly how it's supposed to be

Hating the taste but you know it helps you sleep

The corners of my roof leak

It's collapsing

But you're all the rage now

It's nothing new

It's funny how you turned out just to be

Exactly like the ones you used to hate

Telling all your brand new friends of me

I don't believe a god damn word you sayAway With You - It's Been Educational -

Don't speak to me

Music is the same

Only notes can change

I couldn't stay the same living in this constant state of derailment

When you're just adding strength to waves that break

How can I even catch my breath

Trust me when I say I'm sorry

I'm lying through my teeth

After all we're just wolves inside sheep

The moon is out tonight

At least I only change at night

A pacing phrase: remove or runaway.

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