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Carridale - Текст песни How Did I End Up Here?

How did I end up here, in this self delusioned life. I'm giving up on anyone with a common state of mind. I gave it all I had to give and now it's over, and I don't think they ever cared. But I'm just fine. I'll keep my head up because I know that I'll be alright. So I'll be coming back around seeking every kind of useless attention. I should probably mention that every moment I am searching for something or anyone that I can call my own. And how did I end up here? Just scraping to get by. I've given up on everyone thats ever crossed my mind. And I want it all, I wanted a life free of this and now its over, and there is so much I have missed. I cant bank on fate to bring me anything. I'm huddled up with the notion that there's something meant for me. We attach ourselves to this idea that we all have a destiny. But life's too short to spend it waiting on something or someone you've never seen.Carridale - How Did I End Up Here? -

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