Source of Tide

Текст песни Autumn Leaf

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Source of Tide
Source of Tide - Ruins of Beauty альбом
  • black metal
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Source of Tide - Текст песни Autumn Leaf

Winds from the north conceal me,

As I walk in the misty forests.

My thoughts for winter arrive

For soon to be.

Autumn leaves me empty, why?

Autumn leaf falls from upon high.

Dark shadows float around in circling mess.

My thoughts of dying summer, to soon become.
Source of Tide - Autumn Leaf -
Lord of snow awakes after countless days.

Preparing his new arrival in bizarre ways.

Light of day fades quicker,

Just making the mighty darkness bigger.

Autumn leaves me crying.

Autumn leaf commenced dying.

Nor my conviction of winter or night

Frightens me into abnormal light.

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