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Текст песни Transcendental Journey

Transcendental Journey видео клип

Cor Scorpii
Cor Scorpii - Attergangar альбом
  • black metal
  • cor scorpii
  • norwegian
  • sognametal
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Cor Scorpii - Текст песни Transcendental Journey

In between the shadows
Dormant in the cold
Lies hatred everafter
Just waiting to unfold

Drifting void
All dignity bereft
Empathy dead
All the dark cravings are suppressed
Of retribution
Instincts concealed
Charred remains of decay forlorn

Filled to the point
Of agony and painCor Scorpii - Transcendental Journey -
A submissive mind
By hatred gone insane

Feel the spirit of the darkened soul
Black as midnight on a moonless night
Feel the rebirth of the animal
Wise men guided by the moral light
Feel the power of the anger freed
Now unleashed through a primal scream
Feel the pain from these jagged teeth
The embodiment of a violent dream

Transcendental journey
Of bestial devastation

Transcendental journey of the damned

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