Diabolical Breed

Текст песни In majorem Sathanas gloriam

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Diabolical Breed - Текст песни In majorem Sathanas gloriam

I lay my life in thy hands,
Knowing well I shalt not be reborn.
My souls eternal rest so far from Heaven,
In desgrace...forlorn.

My eyes art blinded
By the darkness that I see.
My cries for light, that echoes
Through the netherworld, unheard by...thee.

I am forever doomed,
falling from the grace of God.
Forever patient in thy search
For lost souls once kept within the

Minds of earthborn men.
Witnessed by none but a moon shining bright,
As thou let thy blackened
shadow cast down upon
the scattered remains of sacred creations...

With the mercy of hungry
wolves in search of prey.
Look down upon this humble flesh,
thou greatest of all, Diabolical Breed - In majorem Sathanas gloriam - http://ru.motolyrics.com/diabolical-breed/in-majorem-sathanas-gloriam-lyrics.html
as I sacrifice my life.
Memories from another time...

Memories from another life,
Eating my mind, stealing the light.
For I have gazed into thy eyes in my dreams,
From visions of thy empire as night
I have seen my flesh decay.

Misty holograms of evil acts,
Wherein dark raven eyes
Art watching over deeds of heinousity,
Is all I see.
Once loved, now forsaken
By the lord I served,
left to the mercy of untamed beasts of the night.

I see my past and future
Dressed in black,
as thou art what hast been and eternally shalt be.
I lay upon thy altar of darkness...
Embraced by the deamons of the night.
I feel the cold touch of death...
I see my flesh decay.

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