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Serpent - Текст песни Lost Dreams

Heads face the ground nervous hand that slay dead snakes float until setting
of a day a butterfly in burning hell oh will she live and will she tell the
king is dead long live the unseen clowns and fools raped the griefing queen
inhale exhale the beast's breath a killer died dreaming of death a landscape
of assassins mind the dying flowers made hime blind junkies in the desert of
weakening will death love drugs dreams it will kill the king is dead long
griefing queen excited heartbeat in the madman's chest kill them all kill themSerpent - Lost Dreams -

all let god do the rest infamous whore her sour taste sex dripping slow
deceased obsessed children in the nightfall of fire I hear them beg and cry
tonight excuse me sir do you have a light man made gods man is made to be
liers liers blind man saw the truth in the eye but who believes in blind man's
lie poet hang himself in the rope of words angels spoke but nobody heard fatal
justice of spinning knife the fact we're dead and dream of life.

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