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Rugburns - Текст песни Packin' To Go

We're headin' out, babies, packin to go.
get a stubby let's move it
no time to pick your nose
we got stuff to do
let's take spike too.
We're on our way to france, don't forget your underpants.
We're headin' out babies, we're on our way
Here we go, on a big exciting trip.
We're headin' up, up, up, up, up. Rugburns - Packin' To Go -
to the diapie, on your lose your rip,
gets moving babies, i hope we're all packed.
maybe gonna babies we're gonna get packed.
no time to worry to pack it stinky.
i hope you now to pack your binky.
We're takin' off, whe-e-e-e.
We're on our way to France, Paris.

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