Myriam Faris
Myriam Faris

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Myriam Faris - Enta Bet’oul Eih

انت بتقول ايه اه بتقولى حضنك دافى
وجو قلبك صافى ولا مرة يوم حتخافى
وانت بتقول ايه اه
بتقول عايش ليه وان انت بتموت فيه وجمالى دنيا بيه
ولسه بتقول ايه
حبك ده كل كلام ولا همسه تغير احساسىMyriam Faris - Enta Bet’oul Eih -
حبك ده اى كلام مش ممكن علشانو اقاسى
انت بتقول ايه
بنات الكون دة سايب فى دباديب عينه دايب
وشعرك منى شايب بص حقلك ايه
روح اضحك بس مش على يلى زيك مش عشرة مية
اتعلم الحب وارجع ليه وساعتها اقللك ايه

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Myriam Faris - Enta Bet’oul Eih (Английский перевод)

is what you're saying that you lap is warm
and your heart is pure and you're also telling me that i will never feel fear
what're saying
you're saying why am i living, and you adore me and I have all the world's beauty
and you're still saying "waht?"
your love is not real and your whispering is not changing my feelingsMyriam Faris - Enta Bet’oul Eih -
your love is none sense, i can't suffer because of it
and you're saying "why?"
you left all the girls that are dying to get you
and you're hair is getting grey because of me
go make fun of others, but not me.. world is full of people that are like you
learn what is love then come back to me, at that time i'd tell you what (tell yu the answer)...

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