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Lee Jung Hyun
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Lee Jung Hyun - Текст песни Something In The Water

Lyndal is a waitress and she looks a little like Faith Hill
Turning heads down at the roadhouse working the grill
You'd expect she'd be the only one
But there's plenty more like her out here where she comes from
There's got to be something in the water
Got to be something in the atmosphere
Out here every good looking daughter
Would make you swear there's something in the water
Lyndals got some cousins out on the five mile plainLee Jung Hyun - Something In The Water - http://ru.motolyrics.com/lee-jung-hyun/something-in-the-water-lyrics.html
They've got the family likeness they realy drive the boys insane
You should watch them rope see them ride
When they turn the mob watch the red dust fly
See those girls walking down the street
Or at the swimming hole
Boys from out of town who stop this way
They shake their heads and you can hear them say

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