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Lee Jung Hyun
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Lee Jung Hyun - Текст песни An Ordinary Bloke

Jack can you tell me, I don't understand
Why you're breaking your back out on this wretched land
Why do you do it so though with so little to show
He shrugged his shoulders and said, it's just what i know
And out in the scrub, he's sinking a bore
He's coverd in grease and his knuckles are raw
But he wont pack it in 'til hte brown water flows
Ask him why and he'll tell you, it's just what he knows
He's just an ordinary bloke, and he's doing us proud
What he's putting in keeps the wheels going round
Every day he'll be out there, battling or brokeLee Jung Hyun - An Ordinary Bloke - http://ru.motolyrics.com/lee-jung-hyun/an-ordinary-bloke-lyrics.html
But he shoulders the country, this ordinary bloke
A neghbour calls up, says he'll need every man
There's a scrub fire burning and it's got out of hand
He'll help out his mate, it's just how it goes
And he won't count the cost, it's just what he knows
When war broke out in Europe came the call to enlist
And that brave Aussie boy with that big heart of his
Had something called honor etched in his bones
And he laid down his life, doing just what he knows

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