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Lee Jung Hyun
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Lee Jung Hyun - Текст песни Freedom Road

I guess everybody knew the way the sergeant knocked her 'round
But he laid down the law in that dusty cattle town
The front bar just fell silent when she begged him please no more
But no-one interfered when he slapped her to the ground
But a young man watched the sergeant leave and knelt down by her side
And a lost love was re-kindled when she held him in her eyes
And in that unexpected moment two hearts were takin' flight
As down that moonlit highway they spend into the night
Freedom road they're leaving this towen behind
Freedom road there's no turning round this time
There's no way back when two worlds explodeLee Jung Hyun - Freedom Road - http://ru.motolyrics.com/lee-jung-hyun/freedom-road-lyrics.html
There're somewhere out there on that freedom road
They reached the three ways roadhouse took the Barkley to the east
They'd head across to Queensland get a job out on the reef
Then in the rear view mirror they saw the sergeant close in behind
Their hearts were puonding harder as they neared the border line
For the first time in her life there was a freedom in the wind
So when they saw the roadblock don't slow down she begged him
They rolled and then burst into flames they didn't stand a chance
In the stillness of that ghostly dawn they reached their promise land

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